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Weisla are coming Beautiful chocolate babies5/15

Breed:Weimaraner Puppies
Age:5 Years
Updated on:4/5/2012
Contact Info
Name:Nadine M.
Location:San Antonio, TX 78852
Number:830 325-0115
Weisla- The hybrid cross of Weim and Vizsla a fabulous connection. This is a hybrid that makes sense. Bred for desirable predictable temperament, intelligence goes without saying and a great cross of nose and eye orientation. We fell in love with this cross 16 years ago and have many reference families that tell us this is the best of both worlds. Our Weislas litters are 75 solid chocolate and others bears the hound marking. Now accepting deposits for gender and markings. $250 will secure your pup with weekly updates with photos so you can watch your baby grow. The remainder can be paid upon placement day in July 15 in San Antonio, Austin or Waco. If you need shipping contact us. We will arrange flights, handle all paper work/documentation and deliver your pup to the airport in a FAA approved kennel at no extra charge. Actual flight charge will be $199 or less and will be paid by you. We prefer Continental Airlines.