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SOLD - RARE Blue Merle and Black Olde English Merle Bulldogge pups available

Breed:Old English Bulldog Puppies
Age:5 Years
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Updated on:8/15/2012
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Name:Bull Masters K.
Location:Edwards, MO 65326
SOLD - We have two new litters of Exotic Puppies available. - Blue Merles, blacks, brindles and more Exotica is a Rare Tri Blue Seal and Black Loud Olde English Bulldogge female ,she is a gorgeous healthy active female with a super sweet personality. She is a one of a kind , her markings are a map of color, it is breathtaking just to look at the pattern she carries. Olde english bulldogges can adapt to most any habitat. They are smart, funny, they house train easily, they can swim, jog and play and keep up with most any breed of pets. They breed and whelp naturally not artificially like the English, they have little known Health issues. You will love the personality of these bulldogges, they can endure hot and cold temperatures, they snuggle and cuddle yet not hyper. They love family movie nite . We guarantee our health. Visit us at www.bullmasterkennel.com or call us directly. We will fly with her to you for an additional fee or we can schedule ground shipping, This is a rare bulldogge, you may never see another like her and no Bulldog will ever be marked the same. She is much like a Rembrandt, no two exist nor ever will, We hope you enjoy the video, visit the website for more photos of her. Call 573-738-0111 or visit bullmasterkennel.com for questions about our puppies available.