Mike the Torkie

Breed:Mixed Breed Puppies
Age:6 Months
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Updated on:3/15/2022
Contact Info
Name:Guy G.
Location:Paterson, NJ 07504
Number:973 652 7758
Have you ever wondered what a Yorkshire Terrier would look like with a shorter, scruffy coat? The Torkie holds the answer to this question. These pint-sized pooches are cute as a button Of course, charming appearance is not all that makes the Torkie popular among pet owners. This adorable little hybrid boasts a lively nature, bright mind, and a big heart. He is a perfect pet for a single living in an apartment, or an active senior looking for a vivacious pooch to spend their retirement with. Owing to their petite size and nippiness towards those who bother them in any way, these designer dogs are not a good fit for families with young children. As a designer dog breed, the Torkie is not a purebred- but rather a mix of two purebred parents. The mom and dad of this crossbreed are- you guessed it- a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Fox Terrier. These two small but sassy doggos produce a toy dog with a lot of spunk. In most cases, the mixed breed offspring offers best of worlds, a golden middle of the two terriers, if you will.