Breed:Mixed Breed Puppies
Age:10 Months
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Updated on:1/19/2022
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Name:Guy G.
Location:Paterson, NJ 07504
Number:973 652 7758
Jace the Bollie Theres been no better ambassador to the collie breed than Lassie, the beloved dog from the 1940s silver screen who saves the day again and again. Like Lassie, collies are elegant, mid-to-large-size, and originally bred for herding livestock in Scotland hundreds of years ago. Since then, however, their gentle temperament and loyal nature have made them popular family pets and excellent therapy dogs. There are two main varieties of collies The rough collie has a long, sweeping coat like Lassie, and the smooth collie has a much shorter coat. Collies are active but not hyper, can be vocal, and are social creatures who are eager to please. With all of that gorgeous fur, you may be wondering Do collies shed? The answer is yes, and hair on furniture is an inevitable part of having one in your family. But collie-lovers agree This is a small price to pay for such an empathetic and loving dog.