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Little Princess

Breed:Maltese Puppies
Age:12 Months
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Updated on:5/14/2018
Contact Info
Owner:Elegant Babies
Name:Lonnie Jr. A.
Location:Fort Lauderdale Area, FL 33024
Number:770 855-1885
Visit Website - www.preciousplushplaypuppies.com I am a private breeder of beautiful superb quality maltese. They are 100 pure-bred . My babies are kept in our home. They are constantly socialized with the family and have playtime with their siblings. Their loving and passive temperament demonstrate they are happy, and receive lot of attention and love. My babies sleep in play pens and I do not like or use crates. I do not like to see them confined. We introduce them to potty-pads and start training them early about 5-6 weeks old. You must be patient and consistent with them. The ultimate goal is to start training them to potty outside. They need to be 7-8 weeks prior to taking them out. You need to make sure they have flea treatment ,collar and leash. When shopping for a puppy it is a long term commitment, therefore you should shop based on quality of the puppies. All puppies are not of the same quality or personality. Puppy Mills are going to be less expensive, but they also receive less attention and care. It is impossible to bond and devote attention to 100 – 200 puppies which they house. I am looking LOVING HOMES for my babies and I use my own discretion to sale and allow my babies to go. These little angels deserve the best of care. It is time consuming and require patience. We do ship the toy size/standard puppies. Only if I can get them on a direct flight to your location. Shipping nationwide charge is $325.00 . We DO NOT ship T-cups at all, they are to fragile and sugar level may drop. We also can deliver the puppies Toy or T-Cups Size by flying with them to your location. This will require you paying for the tickets of course. If you want to fly into Atlanta Airport we can meet you there with the puppy. Prior to leaving the puppies will be current with their shots, deworming, and confirmed healthy . They are dewormed several time starting at 5 weeks. We provide a 1 year health guarantee. We do except payments Cash, and Credit / Debit cards. WE DO NOT EXCEPT CHECKS Female xSmall Toy Size - $1799.00 up Males small Toy Size - $899.00 - $999.00 “ It is best to call me directly for quicker response “ “ Serious inquiries ONLY Please “ Call for appointment 770 855-1885 or 770826-8777