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Labradoodle Puppies Apricot

Breed:Labradoodle Puppies
Age:7 Months
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Updated on:12/29/2019
Contact Info
Owner:Rick Swenson
Name:Rick S.
Location:Clermont, IA 52135
puppy_wanted:aww those labradoodles are adorable
These guys are super cool, laid back and still like to retrieve. health guarantee, all shots and dewormings up to date, socialized, temperature acclimated, these aren’t pet store dogs, they get to take turns running on the farm. Labradoodle puppies and young adults. Blonde, chocolate, red, black, some have white markings which really sets them off. These puppies are Amazing. Lots of different colors and coats. There temperaments are wonderful, they run and play when you want, then sit as still as can be. The low to non shed is a bonus for everyone. We have even had a few guys get them as hunting dogs. Most have gone to families that have heard about the great temperaments or have allergies, asthma, or just don’t want any more pet hair in the house. Prices range from 400-800 trained dogs available Delivery is available from Chicagoland to Denver. House trained Puppies available. We breed our Bejema Labs to our AKC super sweet standard PoodleF1. Or our F1 red Labradoodle F2. The results are the cutest, sweetest, healthiest, non to low shed labradoodles we have ever seen. Most are wavy coated , a few are smooth coated. Colors vary from red, chocolate, blond, black and white, some with markings, socks, or blazes. Temperaments are great and a very solid play when your asked and stay calm the rest of the time attitude Puppies are imprinted, vaccinated, dewormed, socialized, temperature acclimated, etc. hips and eyes are guaranteed for 3 years and general health guaranteed. We will take your pup/dog back any time and find a good home for him or her. Trained dogs and puppies available. 815-721-9090 mb We do deliver to Chicagoland and Denver Rick Swenson Twin Bridges 815-721-9090 303-919-8022 twinbridgeskennel.net swenandolesoutdoors.com F1 and f2 black, red, chocolate, gold