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Champion Sired Purebred Jack Russell Terrier Needs New Home

Breed:Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Age:4 Years
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Updated on:10/16/2017
Contact Info
Name:April A.
Location:Riverside, CA 92585
PLEASE CONTACT OWNER DIRECTLY AT gcables629@gmail.com or call 760-964-2697 for more information. Whiskers is a 22 month old Jack Russell Terrier who has had professional training and loves to be a Jack Russell With much deep regret, his family has decided to re-home Whiskers. His life in a suburban home is not true to his nature. Whiskers has a strong prey drive and can banish all rodents from any property and have fun doing it Whiskers is best suited we believe, on a property where he can hunt rats, ground squirrels, rabbits etc. until his little heart is content Whiskers is good with kids and other dogs. Cats we are unsure as he has never been around one before. Whisker’s prey drive clouds his judgement when hunting so additional training is a must. Please feel free to email me at gcables629@gmail.com or call 760-964-2697 for more information.