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German Shepherd Puppies and Trained Dogs delivered to CO or IL

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:5 Months
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Updated on:12/29/2019
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Owner:Rick Swenson
Name:Rick S.
Location:Clermont, IA 52135
Rick Swenson:thanks
puppy_wanted:nice looking GSD pups
We breed intelligent, well tempered, German Shepherds from stunning, top health adults . We have both German and American lines and frequently breed them together, producing some of the most intelligent, well mannered, stunning looking animals ON EARTH. The dark German lines tend to be super intelligent with a stand buy your side, look you in the eye, read your mind attitude. Always wanting to please you. Our American linesblack and silver/cream/tan/red or snow whiteare also super intelligent with wonderful personalities. They tend to be on the playful side. Our white stud will fetch rocks, 2x4s, 5 gallon pails, and of course Frizbees. These are vey personable dogs that will fit in with any family or situation. Many customers have told us that their dogs thought they were human. Hips, eyes, and general health are guaranteed. All puppies will be double or triple vaccinated and double wormed before delivery. We hand deliver to many places between Denver and Chicagoland. Hand delivery or shippiing is available worldwide for additiional fees. Puppies microchipped $35 Home delivery $40 Available Tiger shepherds in bt, white, black. All Black male and females....$1000-1200 All Black Long Coat Male $1200...looks like a black bear Black and Silver Males and Females $800-1000....great black with silver color Snow White Males and Females $600-800......8 weeks Black and Tan $400-$800.....The sire of the top show winner of all time in there bloodline. Also Labs in 4 colors $350-$750... chocolate, black, yellow and polars as well as our Bejema Labs. Started dogs 1000-2500 Will be in Chicago and Denver this fall until our puppies are all placed. 563-423-5967 farm 815-721-9090 mb 303-919-8022 mb -