Lengas Czar Von Majestic

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:15 Weeks
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Updated on:5/27/2023
Contact Info
Name:Helene K.
Location:Mountain Center, CA 92561
AKC black and red male puppy. Already obedient trained. Knows come to his name, sit, down, and stay. Has been socialized with other dogs, cats, horses people, men and women, children of all ages. Has strong protective instincts with strangers. But once he meets you, he is very friendly and sociable. The most amazing thing about him is his eagerness to learn new things. He has extreme intelligence, and learns quickly. Whatever obstacle you show him, he will figure it out. Czar is also show quality. I am teaching him from right and wrong now, and to have manners, with waiting for permission to come inside, when I tell him to, and wait in the car, until I tell him to come out. He heels nicely beside me without a leash. Is not shy or fearful. Is fearless and super confident in all situations. He loves to play ball and will bring it back to you. He is also show quality. Located in S. CA. You have to meet him in person.