Quondor von der Piste Trophe Thor/Tor

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:10 Months
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Updated on:9/22/2022
Contact Info
Name:Neil B.
Location:Bozeman, MT 59715
Our newest addition. Born on 24 November 2021. Thor is currently at our Victor Idaho Kennel, undergoing training. A great example of a German Import from great lines, parents are Lasso vom Grafenbrunn and Esmee von der Piste Trophe. All exams passed. All German paperwork of course Rasse-Echtheitszertifikat. Copy provided upon request. Thor’s training is progressing great and he is making good progress. Now just about 9 months, he weighs in at 70lb. and has a deep bark and inquisitive nature/behavior. Very protective but ok with other dogs. Loves to swim. Ready for a loving home with stimulation and purposeful work. Thor is a stunning male puppy. Deep red and black color. Correct structure throughout. -Please DO NOT message via this website, email to info@alpinekennels.us