Import German Shepherds

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:8 Months
Updated on:3/5/2021
Contact Info
Name:Monica A.
Location:Union Star, MO 64494
adamsmo1:I did not message you and I’m not interested in your pups.
We have 6 pups 5 males and 1 female. Male pick of the litter is reserved. Red and black stock coats and possible long coats since both parents carry for it. Show potential. Both parents are imports and are FCI and AKC registered. The sire Faro has an impressive amount of titles and will hopefully obtain his advanced tracking title later this year FH1. Sire and dam come from a long line of health tested and titled parentage. Both parents are DNA tested and hips/ elbows certified. Both parents have their DNA on file with the AKC has REQUIRED due to being imported. Puppies will have a genetic health work up before going to new homes, vet checked, and DM carrier status will be known. If a puppy is a carrier it just means they can’t be bred to another DM carrier. Link below to see pedigree puppy outcome and parent pedigrees. Please message for more information, pictures, or videos. Sire is from Parkseite German Shepherds and can be found on Facebook https// You can message the kennel with any specific questions about Faro the sire or ask me. Dam has been embarked and that can be shared as well. Pups will be will loved and socialized. I am not a kennel. The sire used is from a very active kennel that does IPO work and shows. My animals are inside and are family members for life. I simply wish to better the breed and follow breed standards. No puppy will go to a home where they are outside 24/7 or be left in crate 24/7. http// Please email or call for pictures. For some reason it will not allow me to upload from my phone.