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Wolverstones Miss Enchanted Seahorse Red Sable Female Puppy Available Now

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:13 Months
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Updated on:5/29/2018
Contact Info
Name:Marilyn W.
Location:Piedmont, MO 63957
Number:573-223-2154 or 417-693-2997
Wolverstones Miss Enchanted Seahorse is a red sable female puppy born 1-27-18, priced at $850.00 with a spay contract. Her registration is UKC, Universal Kennel Club. She plays very good by herself. She has a calm level head to her. She likes to explore. She enjoys playing and giving her Great Grandmother Missy Ann puppy kisses and rolling around on her. Miss Enchanted Seahorse is a wonderful loving puppy. She uses a doggy door in my house to go outside to go potty or to play in our big fenced in back yard. She has been socialized and is a wonderful puppy. If you are interested in breeding rights for her send me an email or give me a call and I will quote you that price. She has a playful personality. She is going to be a very large German Shepherd when she is an adult. She has a soft short coat and will keep her black mask on her face when she is an adult. She enjoys playing with her cousins. She likes to be picked up and loved on. She is very smart. She is a friendly puppy. She is very alert. She is a cutie. Her mother is Wolverstone, my red sable mom. Wolverstone is the largest female in my kennel. Miss Enchanted Seahorses father is Freeze, my black and tan working line dad. Freezes father is Chaos. Chaoss father is Drago, my solid black full working line German Import male German Shepherd with a pedigree of all SHZD3 German Shepherds. She has a puppy replacement health guarantee on genetic issues until one year old. Her shots and wormings are up to date and she has been vet checked. She comes with 30 days of pet insurance free for accidents and illnesses, that the new pet owner must activate. After the free 30 days you can keep the pet insurance or it will self cancel. She can be reserved for you with a $200.00 non-refundable deposit. I accept puppy payment through Paypal, Walmart Money Gram, or Western Union. She is available for puppy pick up now. She can be shipped. Shipping is $500.00 including crate, airfare and health certificate. I fly my puppies on Thursday. She will make an amazing new addition to your family.