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Maheo and Kudo

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:6 Months
Updated on:4/16/2017
Contact Info
Name:Deanna H.
Location:Fort Worth, TX 76086
German Shepherds. Maheo and Kudo. Bred for personality and looks. Also for disposition since both mom and dad are registered service animals. Puppies are as sweet as they come and highly intelligent. I take great pride in raising my puppies. I begin basic training around 4 weeks old. We start with potty training, leash training, and 3 main commands, Come, Down, Sit. The puppies will not dissapoint you in any way. CHECK OUT MY Facebook PAGE Shepherds For Life. There are more pictures, plus comments and references from owners. Puppies are mostly whitish cream in color which makes for a unique and magnificent GSD. Technically their color is called Cream. And both remaining boys have golden eyes. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS combination Each puppy in the entire litter all have their own unique personalities. What they have in common are all great qualities. Each one is loving, attentive, very intelligent, willing to please, fast learners. They get along very well with other dogs, big and small, cats/kittens, chickens, horses. Plus do very well in the house or outdoors. Mom is a registered Service Dog and full GSD. Her dad is from the Czech Republic. Her moms lines trace back to Germany. Dad is 25 Timber Wolf and 75 GSD. He is a registered Service Dog who serves as a therapy animal. With his GSD lines also being from the Czech Republic. Being Wolfdog he was bred for very particular personality traits and intellectual characteristics. All puppies come with a letter of health from our Veterinarian, as well as all necessary shots and parasite prevention. Puppies have had ALL 3 vaccine boosters for the year. Plus they are on Heartgard and NexGard. Only thing left is to get their rabies vaccine. BEST CONTACT for me is phone or text please. 817-629-0076 CHECK OUT MY FB PAGE Shepherds For Life. There are more pictures, plus comments and references from owners.