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Puppies due the week of July 24th

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:-29 Days
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Updated on:4/24/2017
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Name:Amanda M.
Location:Pittsburgh, PA 15237
We are expecting puppies from Cleo and Alvin the week of July 24th Cleo is AKC registered, OFA certified for hips and has a superb temperaments. Alvin is an import from the Czech Republic, registered with the FCI, certified with the RSV2000 for hips/elbows and IPO1 trained. He excels in nose work, agility, protection and obedience. Both male and female are sable and get along with other dogs, horses, children...etc. Puppies are born and raised on a working farm and socialized at a young age. These puppies are from a working line and need homes where they will have a job They are dewormed every 10 days and given round 1 of shots before they go to their new homes. All puppies are $1,500 and potential owners must fill out an application on the German Shepherd Puppies tab of our website www.strideawayequestriancenter.com Our pups have gone to police departments, fire departments as a cadaver-diving dog and serve a service dogs across the country. These are magnificent puppies with extremely level heads. Weve even had families purchase multiple pups The puppies will be ready to go home the week of July 24th. Please feel free to call/email with any questions or set up an appointment to meet Alvin and Cleo Note the photos listed are from a previous litter.