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Gentle German Shepherd puppies

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:7 Weeks
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Updated on:11/8/2017
Contact Info
Name:Helene K.
Location:Mountain Center, CA 92561
puppy_wanted:beautiful looking pups.
Puppies are here. And more puppies coming Christmas 2017. E-mail me at my e-mail uhnmk4@gmail.com . Or you can call me. I have pick of the litter available and ready to go on Christmas time 2017 Will go quickly. More puppies coming in May 2017 Get on my waiting list for one of my sweet and gentle puppies. I breed the black and red and the black and tan puppies. Your choice. I breed the straight back, and large boned Shepherds. My 2 stud dogs are lined up to breed 10 females, and I will be getting the pick of the litter, that could be yours. Check my web site to see which female you want your puppy from. I will give full socialization, plus potty train this pick puppy for you. Check out my web site to see what female you like the best and contact me. FREE puppy packets are mailed out upon request. Breed the large boned, gentle and calm puppies that are excellent with babies and small children, and the elderly. Pick of the litter is available. These puppies are not mine, but I do intend to take home early to home raise and socialize them. These puppies will be going quickly as I will be getting the pick of the litter that could be yours. Puppies are top quality and fully guaranteed, including personality. Dam and Sire are OFA Certified with Good hips, and elbows. Beautiful top quality puppies. Will be fully socialized with other people, other dogs, and kids of all ages to bring out a very friendly and sociable puppy. I am not a kennel and puppies are raised inside my home, to bring out a very lovable and affectionate puppy. My pups also make great therapy dogs and service dogs. These are top quality puppies that are fully guaranteed, including personality of exactly what you want. FREE puppy packages are mailed out. Worth Seeing. Getting it does not obligate you to get one of my puppies, it is only for your consideration to see what type of exceptional puppies these will be. Also mail out FREE puppy packets. Located in S. CA. Will ship within the USA