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Sweet and gentle German Shepherd Puppies

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:11 Months
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Updated on:2/20/2018
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Name:Helene K.
Location:Mountain Center, CA 92561
puppy_wanted:nice looking pups
Puppies are here and ready to go April 2, 2018. Contact me at uhnmk4@gmail.com . Full guarantees are given with my own puppies. Where can you find the gentle and calm Shepherds ? . I am not a kennel and I home raise all my own puppies. Fill out my contact form, and I will gladly send you my free puppy packet. Receiving it does not obligate you to get one of my puppies. It is only for your consideration. Zarco will be breeding another female in January 2018 This will be his 17th litter of big strong and healthy puppies. Again, Next litter is due December 2017 from my female Jasmine who is OFA Certified with Excellent hips/elbows Get on my waiting list to get a top quality puppy that will be fully guaranteed, including exactly the kind of personality you want. If you can wait for your puppy, I will give full socialization, for you. Check out my web site to see what female you like the best and contact me. FREE puppy packets are mailed out upon request.. Worth seeing. My top quality puppies go quickly. Check out my web site under Litters to see pictures of the females my stud dogs will be breeding. You will get a very sweet, and gentle puppy that will be calm around your kids. These are the kind of puppies I raise. My specialty is personality. These will be very large boned puppies. Worth waiting for. My dogs are Top quality and fully guaranteed, including personality to be sweet, gentle and have a calm disposition. Great with kids. Will be fully socialized with children, other people and other dogs. FREE puppy packages sent out if you are interested with no obligation to get one of my puppies. Just for your consideration. Dont miss out. Puppies like these dont come along that often. See web site to check out what female you like the best. Located in S. CA. Also full stud service is given if you are interested to breed your female to a top quality stud, Zarco, who usually has a tie within 5 minutes. He is great. Zarco produces big, strong and healthy, gorgeous puppies. His puppies go quickly. More puppies Located in S. CA. Will also ship within the good old USA