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German shepherd HUGE AKC XXXXXL Puppies SOLD

Breed:German Shepherd Puppies
Age:5 Years
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Updated on:5/4/2013
Contact Info
Owner:Van Der Sar Kennel
Name:Adel S.
Location:Tampa, FL 33647
puppy_wanted:do you have more pictures of them?
SOLD,Congrats Mike, Anne. Birmingham, Alabama. Gabriel is a very handsome male puppy. His coloring is unique, and he is very gentle. He is a very Black Red pup, but still enjoys playing. He is such a pleasure. He always seems to be happy, he is an XL size puppy. Gabriel has a nice head on him, and will be a great addition to any family. He is sure to steal your heart. He is so lovable you will just want to squeeze him. He cannot wait to meet his new family. He is just too cute for words Puppies whelped on October 3, 2011 from Sire Blonde Royal Bak A.K.A The General, the Sire is a Huangarian Import, and Dame C Linda Van Rossland our German import Bloodline. Great coat, a big head, bones and deep chest, correct conformation and right angulation, already conditioned for basic training. Easy to handle and easy to train. We have the expert knowledge of the pedigree profile of our dogs, genetic research in temperament and psychological history profile, intensive health back ground information on key health issues, most of our German shepherd dogs are proven in all phases of titling. At this time we have puppies and young dogs available. WE OFFER VERY SPECIAL GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE CALL CELL 813-500-9502. Prices start at $1,500 to $2500. Call now and come see your new bundle of joy BIG DISCOUNT FOR PET OWNER, MILITARY AND LAW ENFORECEMENT