Jackpot NEW SHADE Isabella Merle, King Tut and WCG Golden Ape bloodline

Breed:French Bulldog Puppies
Age:7 Months
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Updated on:7/26/2023
Contact Info
Name:Mike or Ruben P.
Location:San Bernardino, CA 92346
Bossman6732: 🥰🥰Hello everyone I have puppies for sale affordable and more cheap prices so if interested Dm me at 3 2 3 7 6 5 8 6 5 6. For fast response 🥰🥰
1 of a kind. NEW SHADE ISABELLA MERLE RARE and exoctic with Tan points. Beautiful piercing blue eyes. Definite Isabella maker....This Stud to be is Not for everyone only for the few that can see true value. he will be vet checked and up to date on my vaccinations. Dont let this sweet EXOTIC boy get away JUST LOOK INTO HIS Blue EYES we have all the papers required, I require 2 stud credit for future. he will change your life forever .... #malestud, #VALUEABLE, #INVESTMENT, #RARE, #Greatfamilydog #stud,Showquality, 909-437-5858