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AKC Choco/Blue Carrier French Bulldog Puppy Girl Tess

Breed:French Bulldog Puppies
Age:12 Months
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Updated on:4/25/2018
Contact Info
Name:Brandon L.
Location:Littlerock, CA 93543
Super cute female brindle French Bulldog puppy, Tess, is waiting for you She was born in 02/26/2018. She got vaccinated and dewormed up to date. She is registered with AKC. Her father is blue French Bulldog and her mother is fawn chocolate/blue carrier. Tess may carry both blue and chocolate genes. She doesnt have any white spot on the chest. She has adorable face, compact but stocky body with short legs. She has very loving, playful personality. Comes with 1 year written health guarantee. The puppy will be micro-chipped. Her price is $2500. I also provide some basic supplies like starter kit such as food, vitamin, toys, pads, etc. I am able to ship the puppies. You can either send me an e-mail or call/text me at 323-819-0113. Ask Brandon.