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Breed:American Pit Bull Puppies
Age:16 Weeks
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Updated on:6/10/2017
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Name:heather g.
Location:Avondale, CO 81022
puppy_wanted:beautiful looking pups.
Check us out at www.passionbluepits.com and go to our For Sale page to see available puppies also check out the Breeding Page to see upcoming breedings. We take pride in the care that we give our puppies and dogs, home raised hand delivered. Our facility is on 40 acres and was originally built as a dog boarding kennel so it is heated/cooled with indoor/outdoor runs and also with spacious play yard for all dogs and puppies. We make sure all of our animals get the best out of life All puppies/dogs are UKC ADBA registered. We offer you a wonderful pet for life. We do require that you sign our purchase agreement for your records and ours because we are licensed breeders and do get inspected routinely. All of our puppies/dogs receive the proper shots/wormings. Our dogs are not used or sold for any illegal or immorial acts. Absolutely NO dog fighting Shipping is available. We except all major credit cards. All deposits and payments are non-refundable. Please take you time looking at all we have to offer and thank you If you have any questions feel free to give me Heather a call or you can text 719924-2696 also email me at heffgoforth@hotmail.com