Eleanor Rigby

Breed:Yorkshire Terrier
Age:17 Months
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Updated on:9/25/2020
Contact Info
Name:Gracie V.
Location:Torrance, CA 90504
5 pound Yorkshire Terrier looking for a stud. She has a great temperament and is very playful. She is Embark tested and her full health report is available. I am open to breeding her either with a toy poodle or a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier. Next heat is estimated to be in November 2020 or can wait until May 2021. Male stud must be genetically tested and preferably from Embark. I will gladly pay a stud fee as I will not consider a puppy or pick of the litter as a form of payment as all puppies will stay in my family. I am located in the Los Angeles area. Her instagram is @eleanor_rigbytheyorkie if you want to follow and see more pictures of her. We would like to meet stud before we agree to use your stud. Thank you