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Brienne Tarth of Lockwood

Breed:Labrador Retriever
Age:2 Years
Updated on:3/14/2019
Contact Info
Name:Jayme L.
Location:Woodland, WA 98674
Brienne, pronounced Bree-N, is a 75lb AKC Yellow lab, came from a litter of 11, from a English Dad and American Mom both yellow AKC parents. So, she is more lean and lanky than short and stocky. In the picture, she is the blonde, standing with her friends. She is currently trained as my Service dog, as she is extremely intelligent, calm and inquisitive dog. Currently waiting for notification of her hips, but vet said they looked good if not excellent. She is a very healthy happy dog, that likes playing with her friends. The dog I prefer, is long and lanky, handsome, calm and intelligent. I would prefer Yellow, but if your Black lab has yellow and black genes, I will negoitate. I intend to take a pup from the litter to train, also as my service dog, so, he needs to be as tall as Brienne, at least. She is due to come into heat again, end of May or June. I prefer the payment to be first pick, but if otherwise, we can work something out.