Breed:German Shepherd
Age:6 Years
Updated on:12/24/2021
Contact Info
Name:Mike K.
Location:Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Looking For A Black Or Mostly Black and Tan German Shepherd Stud Dog. I have a black and tan female who is in heat right now. She is 6 years old and has never bred before. I would like to breed her at least once or twice before its too late. Her progesterone level was 1.9 ng/ml as of 12-24-2021. I expect to breed or inseminate her between 12-28 and 12-31-2021. I would like to inseminate her two or three times a day or two apart. We are located in the Chicago area and I can drive a reasonable distance to you if necessary. She is flagging and will be receptive. I am looking for natural breeding but At this point, I would even consider getting frozen or chilled sperm shipped for artificial insemination if that is what you offer. Either way, please contact me with what you have to offer. Thanks Mike 312/401/40/00