Priscilla Von Haus Sez Shes The Boss

Breed:German Shepherd
Age:4 Years
Updated on:1/5/2021
Contact Info
Owner:Priscilla Von Haus Sez Shes The Boss
Name:Jill C.
Location:Parrott, GA 39877
AKC registered, beautiful black/Tan 3 year old female. Cilla is turning a beautiful red on her neck and face this year. Sweet, silly, smart, affectionate to her pack/family, high prey drive, extremely protective of pack and territory. Loves spending time with family, riding shotgun in my F150, riding in the boat, and talking walks down long dirt roads. She is aloof and standoffish with stranger, but can handle meeting new people under supervision. I am looking to breed Cilla. Today is 01/05/2021, and she has been bleeding for 2 days. Let me know if you are interested, thanks