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Lengas Majestic Von Red Beauty

Breed:German Shepherd
Age:4 Months
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Updated on:3/27/2020
Contact Info
Name:Helene K.
Location:Mountain Center, CA 92561
Red Beauty is AKC Registered and will be OFA pre-lim soon. She is a black and red, large boned, with a straight back. Has a sweet, loving, confident, gentle, and playful disposition. Looking for a black and red stud dog, that has a simular disposition. Does not have to be experienced, but needs to be AKC registered and OFA Certified. Will be ready to be bred 2021 after she is OFA Certified. Her sire is OFA Certified with Excellent hips and normal elbows. Located in S. CA. Doing my research now, to find the right stud dog for Red Beauty. Please contact me now, if you are interested to breed your stud dog to her.