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Breed:Wolf Dog Dogs
Age:-34 Days
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Updated on:2/3/2014
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Owner:Wolf Husky Pups
Name:Wolf D.
Location:Tampa, FL 33601
Our Blue Coats have been born check out www.wolfhuskypups.com Also, We have a long awaited litter just born. The Mother is one of the largest Wolamutes We have been around Alaskan Malamute x Timber Wolf She is well over 140 lbs summer weight and even bigger in the winter. She looks like a giant bear. She is loving and very sweet. The father is also very large, solid white woolly coat with amazing yellow eyes. He is a higher mix of Eastern Timber / Woolly giant Malamute. These puppies for sale will be much bigger than standard Alaskan Malamute or Siberian husky hybrids. They will be much smarter than the German shepherd puppies for sale. They will be family raised, even around small animals. We pride ourselves on the best wolamutes in the world. Dont short yourself getting one elsewhere, these are the best. Visit www.wolamutes.com These pups are $1200 and there is a waiting list for this litter so get in early We also have lower priced pups and other litters available in CA,NV,UT,NC and FL. Pups priced from $800-$1500 and We have Siberian Husky hybrids , Wolamutes , Black Phase German Shepherd / Eastern Timber wolf crosses higher content and more. We have the most special, most beautiful puppies for sale . We do always prefer pick ups so you can meet the parents on site but if unable to do so All of Our breeders do fly pups to most major cities www.wolamutes.com - www.wolfhuskypups.com Visit Us