Breed:Labrador Retriever Dogs
Age:4 Years
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Updated on:8/22/2022
Contact Info
Name:Chris R.
Location:Valley Springs, CA 95252
Trigger - Chocolate male born 3-19-18. He is a happy go lucky kind of boy. Loves to swim and run around with the other dogs. Great yard dog. He was raised in the house as a pup with all the crate leash training but has been outside for the last several years. He lives here with other dogs without any issues. He loves to swim in the seasonal pond or in the black Rubbermaid type water troughs we buy at Tractor Supply. He does great with our pack of dogs as we change them around all the time. The dogs live in pairs here. Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment to come visit him. If he fits your family then we require you to neuter him after the 30 days trial period. Otherwise you bring him back to us before neutering. We just want to find the right home for him.