Breed:Labrador Retriever Dogs
Age:7 Years
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Updated on:3/12/2022
Contact Info
Name:Chris R.
Location:Valley Springs, CA 95252
Bugs - Black Female born 11-19-15. She loves fetching, swimming, being petted, and car rides. Great yard dog. She is crate trained, and is very affectionate. She was raised in the house as a pup with all the crate leash training but has been outside for the last several years. She needs to be an only dog because she is an alpha type dog. She lives here with two other dogs in her kennel without any issues but she doesnt seem to do well with other peoples dogs. I would also suggest no young kids just to be on the safe side since she has only been around adults. https//rufflabradors.com/Females/Bugs.html Bugs is overall a sweet dog. But shes a bit of an alpha dog and will raise her hair and tail if another one of our dogs that she hasnt been with for a few weeks runs over and starts sniffing at her. Then as long as they dont get aggressive with her they will run off and play together. She loves to swim in the seasonal pond or in the black rubbermaid type water troughs we buy at Tractor Supply. She also likes to retrieve sticks. She loves attention and has a spunky personality. Her downside here is that when we go out to feed, all the dogs start barking and jumping up and down. As the dog she is with starts jumping up and down she will quietly nip at their hind ankle and squeeze at it with her mouth. They will ignore her because it isnt aggressive but after multiple times until I pour the food in the bin It starts to hurt them. We cant have her making them limp. The only dog we have that will stop jumping when she does that is her son. The others will ignore her and keep jumping until the food goes into the food bins for them. Bugs is an alpha type dog and would need to be a single family dog. We tried to place her in a home with an adult dog and she kept trying to keep the other dog away from the people and the house. She wanted to take possession of the territory. Their dog that was also a previous dog of ours is 10 years old so they brought Bugs back to us. So we are looking for a home that just wants her for the yard and house and probably no small children as she has never been around small kids. Also a household with no plans to take her where there would be issues with other dogs. She does great with our pack of dogs but doesnt like other dogs. Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment to come visit. If she fits your family then we require you to spay her after the 30 days trial period. Otherwise you bring her back to us before spaying. We just want to find the right home for her.