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Breed:Labrador Retriever Dogs
Age:6 Years
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Updated on:12/13/2018
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Name:Chris R.
Location:Valley Springs, CA 95252
icemanK9:have any photos?
She is all about attention...lol. She will bounce up and down until we stop and pet her. She loves to swim and retrieve. She was crate trained but we have not used it in a long time with her. She will be available around the end of Dec or the 1st of the year. She is pregnant with her last litter. She is a BIG strong 87 lb dog. We feel she would be better as a single dog or paired up with another one of our dogs that are ready to leave also. She normally lives with 2 other dogs here. She has not been exposed to small children, small dogs or cats. Her down side...With her being big and strong she steals the other dogs food when hers is gone. Loves to swim retrieve. Crate trained. $1000 for one adult or $1500 for 2 of our adults that leave together.