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Breed:Labrador Retriever Dogs
Age:17 Months
Updated on:1/11/2018
Contact Info
Name:Charles S.
Location:Enid, MS 38927
1 YEAR OLD CHOCOLATE FEMALE I have a chocolate girl born 1/27/2017 available. I kept her back from a previous litter. Shes a small girl weighing approximately 45-50 lbs and a possible yellow carrier. Has great retrieving drive She has a very nice and neat pedigree. Sire is 100 English weighing 95 LBS. Dam is 100 American weighing 50 LBS. Her sire has the following clearances OFA Hips Good OFA Elbows Normal EIC Non-Affected Carrier CNM Clear PRA Clear HPNK/DRY NOSE Clear DM Clear KClear/Dominant KK DILUTEClear COAT COLOR EebbDD--- Chocolate and carries dark yellow/red. Her dam has the following clearances OFA Hips Good OFA Elbows Normal OFA Eyes Normal OFA CardiacNormal EICClear CNMClear PRANon-Affected Carrier HPNK/DRY NOSE Clear RD/OSD Clear SKELETAL DYSPLASIA 2Clear CYSTINURIA Clear PK DEFICIENCY Clear CANINE HYPERURICOSURIA Clear MYOTUBULAR MYOPATHY X-LINKED Clear NARCOLEPSY Clear ELLIPTOCYTOSIS Clear FOLLICULAR DYSPLASIA Clear LONG HAIR GENE Clear KClear/Dominant KK DILUTEClear COAT COLOR EEbbDD--- Dominant Chocolate no hidden colors. 5 generation pedigree Sire http//www.huntinglabpedigree.com/extpedigree.asp?id=86045 5 generation pedigree Dam http//www.huntinglabpedigree.com/extpedigree.asp?id=100640 $1200 Full Registration to approved home only. 1-662-654-6992 or cmstrongolemiss@gmail.com