Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:21 Months
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Updated on:2/21/2021
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Owner:Yosemite _Shepherds
Name:Mary G.
Location:Oakhurst, CA 93644
iWantToBuyaPuppy:bob! nice name. nice puppy as well. She's beautiful.
Meet Zion Czech import, hes a stunning bi color 1.5 years old male. He is very active, lively and happy with a balanced temperament. Strong protection instincts. His defense is fast and his bite is strong, but he is easily controlled. Zion has been trained in personal protection and obedience. Also would make an incredible search and rescue dog. Quality working pedigree, his ancestors own top grades in championships. He is healthy with a negative hip and elbow score. Zion is without exterior faults. He is highly ball driven and he loves defense training. Zion loves hiking, going on adventures and playing ball. To approved home only and he is not intended for resale. We are looking for Zions forever family for he will forever love you.