Drake Vom Salztalblick

Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:4 Years
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Updated on:9/21/2020
Contact Info
Owner:Yosemite _Shepherds
Name:Mary G.
Location:Oakhurst, CA 93644
Personal/family protection dog, schutzhund trained, loyal, willing to please and a outstanding dog that will become not just a protector, but a member of the family and a best friend to you and your children. Not being sold as a breeding dog He is strictly being sold as a personal protector to become a part of someone family, and to an approved home only We have gone back and forth on letting this incredible boy go and we will be very picky with where he goes and the home he gets. Drake is a large dog that has near perfect confirmation in every way. Titles he holds are SchH3 BH. He has a huge, wide and blocky head along with a deep dark sable color. He has a crushing bite, is extremely protective but can turn it off when told. For Videos of him message me.