Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:3 Years
Updated on:5/6/2020
Contact Info
Name:Kelly E.
Location:Yuba City, CA 95993
This is Molly.. She is a rescue with a rehoming fee. This sweet girl was found abandoned in a small rural California town. Molly travelled all over the area, getting scraps here and there and sleeping on different porches nightly. After her sightings were becoming more regular it became clear Molly was homeless. After about a month of mollys attempts to be taken in, a couple of us drove several hours to pick her up and bring her to safety. The animal shelter in the County she was found were not taking animals due to the covid-19 pandemic. We are fostering Molly, until the perfect forever family can be found. Molly adores children and should have a home where there are little humans around. We have vaccinated up to date all shots, dewormed and Microchipped Molly with AKC reunite. She is flea free. She has been on a high calorie diet to gain weight. Molly has put on 10 pounds and is now 76 pounds Molly is very friendly and loving, not aggressive, she gets along well with other dogs and puppies. She is good around cats according to the apartment tenant where She hung around for a while. She was also observed following the children around and playing with them. She attached easily to us and the kids. Molly LOVES the pool If you have a pool thats a bonus, She Loves splashing around and swimming. She sleeps in the bedroom at night uncrated with no issues other than she lays directly in front of the bathroom door every night, lol.. get a night light There were couple inside potty accidents the first couple days of arrival, but she has it figured out now. She is very intelligent, eager to please and highly trainable. She eats well and is not food aggressive. She does occasionally do the dominant stance over our more passive females. She likes balls and toys, though she is still learning how to play with them. Molly had puppies at some point prior to rescue, volunteers combed the town with Molly leading the way and limping much of the way looking for puppies, We asked everyone who we met that had seen Molly around, but sadly no puppies were found. We suspect Molly was used as a breeder and discarded since there was some type of cattle tag / punch hole that was ripped out of her ear. We have no way to verify our theory. Molly has an appointment to be spayed this month. Molly would like a home with children and loving parents, she doesnt mind if you have a cat or another dog as long as you love her too She should have stay at home parents, or at least one parent that is home during the day. She does fine alone in the home for a couple hours without doing any damage, weve not left her home longer than that, so Im not sure how long is too long for her to be without supervision. Molly could be considered an ESA emotional support animal she has the temperament, attention span and is a fantastic companion. It wouldnt take much to teach her a task considered acceptable for a service dog. She is pretty mellow for a German shepherd, not high energy at all, very adaptable. Only contact if you are a German shepherd lover, familiar with the breed and want to bring this girl into your heart and home. She will not be adopted out to anyone that wants an outdoor guard dog. A Rehoming fee of 500. Is asked to help cover partial costs incurred while in our care. Ultimately we want Molly to live her best life, to be a blessing and gain them as well Contact me for an adoption application and a phone interview. Here are a few questions that will be on the application if you are interested in adopting Molly. Thank you - 1. Adults / kids other pets? 2. Who will be home with this dog? 3. How many hours a day / week would she be left home alone? 4. Have you had a dog before / what kind? 5. Do you own your home / or have permission from a landlord for a dog? 6. Do you have a fenced yard? 7. Are you willing to have a home inspection? 8. How soon do you feel is appropriate to take a dog to the vet when noticing anything out of the ordinary? 9. Additional information you would like to share to be considered as adoptive dog parents?