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Rhagar - DDR/Czech many titled dogs in his pedigree

Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:10 Months
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Updated on:3/14/2019
Contact Info
Name:Cecilia M.
Location:Deer Park, WA 99006
Available for new home, this fellow is a beautiful sleek coated black registered GSD, been to obedience classes and knows his commands very well, will be larger, current on all vaccinations etc, house trained, crate trained, however he was returned due to increased anxiety in public places. He is not timid, prone to bite, no aggression, he whines alot when he gets in stores/park places. Loves to play fetch so can be re-directed with play or treaties, will need extra time in this area. Many titled dogs in his pedigree, great with small or larger dogs, He does bark at strangers when in home and feel he would make a good deterrent dog. Email me for more information, or go to my site, Thank you for considering one of my pups/dogs for your family, it is greatly appreciated