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Captain vom banks-haus

Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:3 Years
Updated on:11/26/2018
Contact Info
Name:Donald B.
Location:Stockton, CA 95210
Captain is she is 2 yrs old and will be 3 next month in December she is also not a large female shepherd she is what i consider smaller but very cute so if you want a large dog she is not the one but other then that she is a great dog she has been raised around around kids so no worries around kids she is sweetie and will not harm your kids,she is not dog aggressive at all and can be around dogs and she does not even go after cats when she sees them she is both a inside and outside dog,she is pure breed and does have akc papers with pedigree she is not fixed but we have never breed her before so if you are someone who is interested in getting a great dog and your not someone looking for a cheap dog with papers to breed please give me a call and i really prefer calls i hate people that text message because they only want to nick pick and you and try to get your dog for free please those people dont even bother but to the real people looking for a great family dog please give me a call lets chat thanks. Price $750 Shipping $500 Total = $1,250 Don 510375-9175 http//www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2800631-captain-vom-bankshaus