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Qen Girmido

Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:2 Years
Updated on:11/26/2018
Contact Info
Name:Donald B.
Location:Stockton, CA 95210
Qen is a very gorgeous Czech import male that is only 2 yrs old and he is in tack and is a great dog to have as a family pet he does great around people and kids as i have 3 daughters that have been around him with no issues at all he is not aggressive towards people he has also done some bite work but to me is not the most aggressive dog in that department so i think he would do better to a pet home with a family and kids as i think that is more better for him to be with a family or with a person who is willing to work with him more to be the dog that you want him to be so if you are interested give me a call he does come with his pink papers as he is a import from the Czech Republic. Price $1,200 $600 Shipping Total = $1,800 Don 510375-9175 http//www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2756487-qen-girmido