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Breed:German Shepherd Dogs
Age:16 Months
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Updated on:9/18/2017
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Name:Haley D.
Location:Mansfield, TX 76063
iWantToBuyaPuppy:awesome looking puppy, good luck
Cheza is a 1 year old green female available. Hips and elbows have been prelimed Good and Normal through OFA. Xrays report available upon request. Really nice female, started with a basic foundation in mondioring, she has been trained to target legs however could probably be transitioned to the sleeve/arm without any issue. Shes got a lot of heart for bitework, digs in to a full grip. No environmental issues or problems with distractions so far. Video available on request. Has basic obedience but needs more proofing. Good toy and food drive though a little soft to correction. She could be really nice as a club level/performance prospect even for a novice, potential breeding prospect to the right home and handler. Ultimately I would love to see her in a working home of some sort as shes energetic and has the drive and would like to see her reach her full potential. Very nice social temperament, happy and upbeat, Shes good with people and children, still excitable around dogs but no dog aggression. Not sure about cats or other small animals as I dont have any, that said I doubt her intent would be to hurt them but with her prey drive it may be a matter of training. Kennel trained and sleeps through the night, not destructive and will be content to chew on a bone. PLEASE CONTACT THROUGH OUR EMAIL, It is unlikely that I will get your message on K9Stud, thank you Pedigree http//www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2535317-cheza-vom-anfang