Rare Blue Tri Merle For Stud Service Carries For All Colors AKC CKC Registered

Breed:English Bulldog Dogs
Age:3 Years
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Updated on:2/22/2020
Contact Info
Name:Rare B.
Location:Winter Haven, FL 33884
Number:863 354-1738
Guaranteed beautiful litter, we also travel I have a Beautiful Blue Tri Merle color stud Triple Carrier only 50 pounds His name is Thor he has tan points and can produce ALL RARE colors Chocolate / Lilac / Blu / Platinum and can also produce full suit / seal puppies as well other standard colors like fawn black and white etc Of course can produce the rare Chocolate Merle Blue Merle Lilac Merle etc Thor has the best traits in an English Bulldog starting with being short and compact, low to the ground, big boned, big head, thick body, wide chest, great tail, perfect ears, amazing rope and of course so many beautiful rolls Thor has an amazing temperament with a sweet personality and is so lovable and so friendly, he has Mini miniature English Bulldog in the pedigree, he weighs only 50lbs Contact 863-354-1738 for Stud Service or www.facebook.com/rarebulldogstud Sending a message through our Facebook page is another way to contact us @RareBulldogStud Thor is a proven stud, very experienced and has had many beautiful litters of puppies We do everything professional with a Licensed Veterinarian that has experience in breeding | Thors semen gets checked before breeding is done via Surgical Insemination on your female