Breed:Cane Corso Dogs
Age:4 Years
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Updated on:5/5/2022
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Name:Keith & Heather P.
Location:Spokane, WA 99156
We offer an impressive International CHAMPION, Casanova.. He is a Russian Import we brought in directly.. he holds an excellent pedigree.. Including prestigious hard to acquire Valle Dei Lord linage.. OFA Results HD/EXCELLENT ~ ED-0 ~ #cardiacCLEAR he is 136# of high energy.. this boy wants to work He is a lot of fun, very active, affectionate playful.. he will play all day if you let him.. LOL .. Initial phone call is mandatory.. we will not release him to just anyone / any kennel.. I am importing new linage, replacing old lines.. This dog is in TOP athletic shape.. he is a lean, mean, breeding machine Casanova is also excellently trained off leash on.. #showdog.. he is #proven w/ excellent results as he has Sired some gorgeous puppies.. Aside from being a trusted companion, Casanova has been utilized as a stud dog w/ great success. Casanovas price is $6300 FIRM.. Possibly willing to entertain a trade for a female of good linage / pedigree / w/ health testing results.. Gimme a call 50nine six7one two798 .. No Texts