Breed:American Staffordshire Terrier Dogs
Age:3 Years
Updated on:7/1/2020
Contact Info
Name:Kelly E.
Location:Yuba City, CA 95993
iWantToBuyaPuppy:Thats a nice puppy. Cute and adorable.
Hi Im Tony, I am 2 years old. My rescue journey began when a homeless woman found me tied to be tree by the Feather River. Im not sure how long I was left there, but I was hungry and thirsty when she came to help me. She contacted a rescue who tried to find my second family. She found my original family who took me in at 8 weeks old then decided after one year I was getting to big. I was no longer a small puppy. I was very good with the kids ages 5 and 7. I was an indoor dog. My family gave me away to another family then a year later I end up tied to a tree in a remote area. Im not sure why I was left there. But, now Ive been enjoying life with my foster mom. She spoils me a lot. I love, love, love snuggling. I am a couch snuggler and bed snuggler. I need to be in a home where you will share the couch and bed. I like to lay around in the same room you are in. I will wait patiently on the couch for you to return home. Im potty trained and not destructive. Im an indoor dude. I do love toys and riding in the car. Im such a good boy I dont know why Ive been abandoned twice in only 2 years when Im only 2 years old. I like people, kids and snuggles. I am 69 pounds. I have been heart worm tested negative, I have a microchip now. I think Im low maintenance. I dont think I should live with other dogs. I have a tendency to hump other dogs and that might not go well, so best NO other dogs. If you are looking for a snuggle companion on the couch then you found it. Please only consider me if you can share your couch, bed and promise not to give me up.