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Silver Labradors and Charcoal Labradors

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I have 2 litters of Puppies on the way. I am taking deposits for beautiful Silver, Charcoal and Chocolate Labs I have been breeding Silver and Charcoal Labs since 2011. I live in Freeport Texas which is 50 minutes south of Houston. My labs produce beautiful, extremely intelligent, blockheads, large in size with a excellent hunting drive, just add ducks...lol. I raise the litter inside my home and I housebreak the puppies from the first day they start eating puppy food. By the time these puppies go to their forever home they are pretty close to being house trained. I introduce the puppies to many different textures, to sounds, to water, to birds, and I socialize them with my other dogs, neighbors and children. These puppies will make great family pets as well as great hunting companions.
Annette H.
Freeport, TX 77541
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