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We are located in the beautiful Hill Country of northern Bosque County near Meridian, TX. We are a family owned and operated business. Both my husband and I have raised cattle and horses our entire lives. To instill the values learned from raising animals in our children, we began raising Dilute Colored Labrador Retrievers and Labradoodles. These Silver Labs and Doodles as they are called, fit our family and our lifestyle perfectly and give our children the opportunity to learn the life lessons of responsibility and hard work. Our dogs are both family companions and working dogs. Puppies begin retrieving at 6 weeks old and we begin acclimating them to swimming and gun fire at 9 weeks. They have award winning pedigrees and are beautifully maintained animals. When full grown, our Labradors are big beefy dogs with block heads and otter tails and our doodles are mid-size with fluffy coats and gorgeous green eyes. We maintain a rigorous feeding program to maintain optimal health, high activity levels and a beautiful shiny coat. We hope to make one of our Labs or Doodles a part of your family.
Kim E.
Meridian, TX 76665
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