Labrador Retriever Breeders
We pride ourselves on breeding dogs with the thicker bone structure and the right temperament. We have and use Studs with the large blocky heads stout bodies with thick bone structure thick fur and tails and of at least 80 lbs on up to 100 lbs. Our females weigh between 65 80 pounds. They tend to have stout bodies with the larger bone structure and the thicker fur. They also have just enough stamina when needed to work hard at retrieving when the time is right for you. But yet they are more than happy to lay around the house waiting for the family to play with them. We are raising beautiful Show Line dogs with the ability to hunt if you so desire. It has been allot of fun watching our dogs preform in the ring and in the field. So rather you are looking for a Lap Dog or a Hunting Dog we probably have what you are looking for.
Chris R.
Valley Springs, CA 95252
209-470-7833 cell. or 209-786-2437
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