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I breed for health, intelligence, beauty size. My studs are above average in size. My largest stud weighs 197 lbs stands 40 at his shoulders. My adults have a 1/2 acre as their run area for exercise. They all have their own kennel with an Amish built extra large dog house with blankets mats for their comfort. They take turns staying in the house with me. When puppys are coming the females have a birthing bed in my bedroom so I can help with delivery if needed and can jump up in the middle of the night if I hear a puppy crying. Just in case Mom has laid on one. Their litters usually run between 7 and 12 puppys. Right now i have 4 breeding females 3 studs. The are Blue Harlequin and Fawn. The females are Brindle 3 Harlequins. All the adults visit the Vet twice a year for check ups. Please see my web page to read more about my kennel operation including pictures of my adult Danes available puppys.
Claudia H.
Big Sandy, TN 38221
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