Goldendoodle Lovely

  • Breed: Goldendoodles Breeders
  • Description: Goldendoodle Lovely - We breed F1b standard and F1b mini goldendoodles. We often have puppies throughout the year. Our puppy coloring ranges from white, red, apricot, black, chocolate, tan/cream, and parti-black/white. New litters are posted on our Facebook puppy page. Feel free to contact us with questions or to inquire about upcoming litters. We are located in Mesa Arizona. Our dogs live in our home and are cared for as if they were family. We pride ourselves on providing healthy and happy puppies. We offer breeder services. Progesterone Testing, Artificial Insemination, Brucellosis Testing. Contact Jill for questions or to get details 602-628-0301
Contact Info
  • Owner: Supermomaz
  • Name: JILL S.
  • Location: Mesa, AZ 85207
  • Number: 602-628-0301
  • Website: View Website
  • Views: 1,226
  • Updated on: 7/27/2023

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