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Here at Britton Farms Dobermans we strive to improve the Doberman breed with every mating we make. We are constantly importing the best available bloodlines in Europe to assure that we have the very best bloodlines here in the United States for you. We plan to provide you with the best possible doberman to exceed your desires and needs. We imported the 3 Brown Male Doberman from the 2004 International Doberman Convention in Italy Animus Alvaro Di Altobello. Animus is a very Confident Family Protection oriented structurally correct European Doberman. I have admired the Altobello Dobermans for many years and am proud to be the owner of one of their finest European Doberman Studs. Dejan and Elena were very helpful and friendly throughout the aquisition of Animus Alvaro Di Altobello. The Altobello Kennel was named the 1 Doberman Kennel in the World in 2005 runner up in 2006 and 1 in 2007 at the International Doberman Conventions. We have brought the Very Best European Doberman Bloodlines in the world right here to The United States to share with you. We are working directly with The Top Doberman Kennels in Europe to help to fill the needs and desires of the rest of the Doberman fanciers here in the United States that would otherwise not be able to acquire a doberman of this calibur here in The United States
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