Oregon Bernese

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Oregon Bernese is a preservation breeder of AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs focusing on gentle confident temperaments health testing for longevity. I am a breeder who is passionate about this incredible breed. I have seen the magic they have brought into our own home as gentle giants who give the best cuddles, lay in the silliest positions when they sleep, always offer you a paw to hold love everyone they meet. I hope to bring that same joy, comfort love to families who welcome an Oregon Bernese puppy into their own home. I give them a very loving nurturing start here I strive to help each family find their perfect match in a puppy like my girl is for me. Our top 5 priorities as an ethical breeder - Proper OFA genetic health testing of parents entry into Berner-Garde - Following our reproductive vet specialists guidance on all health care for our dogs puppies. - Raising pups in our in-home nursery not a kennel - In depth socialization program of Puppy Culture ENS for all puppies -Microchipping all puppies encouraging owners register with AKC contribute to the Berner-Garde database - Providing lifelong support for each pup including welcoming them back if ever needed. www.goldenlightpuppies.com How to Contact Us Email Brie Ella at Text Number 503-756-8562 Please text if you want a prompt response. Located in Eagle Creek Oregon Affordable delivery options available nationwide.


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